About us

20 Years. Thousands of projects. Over 36,000 satisfied clients.

DingSheng Pipe Co., Ltd. (ds steel pipe)is a professional manufacturing and exporting company for steel pipe, flange, and pipe fittings from Hebei Province, China.

For almost 20 years we’ve been exporting our products to countries all across Southeast Asia, the Middle East, America, and Europe.

Our manufacturing plant is equipped with the latest manufacturing and testing equipment and systems that allows us to meet your project’s specifications. Our specialty is manufacturing pipe fittings that are designed to make your project run smoothly. When it comes to pipe fittings our manufacturing runs the gamut, from steel piping and bending, to reducers, caps, and flanges, and our manufacturing complies with ASME / ASTM / ANSI, DIN, JIS, MSS, and EN standards.

Put simply: we can make anything you need.

Our reputation is built on our quality. We achieve this by maintaining first-class inspections on all of our products, undertaken by our highly trained specialists, to make sure we detect even the slightest weakness in any product, before it leaves our factory. We operate under the ISO9000 quality system and efficiency control procedures, so you know you’re getting the best product you can.

If you receive a product that’s not of the highest quality we take full responsibility for it, and will do everything in our power to fix it for you. We’ll replace your product within three days, at no extra cost to you.

After all, we operate on the principle that puts your project’s safety first. If we can’t meet your technical requirements or are unable to deliver your product on time, then we won’t accept your order—it’s as simple as that.

We won’t be matched in price or delivery, either. We promise you a better price, and will have your components shipped to you in seven days, all with a quality that outlasts our competitors twice over.

So get in contact with us today, and see why clients from all over the world are deciding to work with us.