Drive business growth with the right quality steel pipe and butt weld fittings

Are you looking for high-quality steel pipe and butt weld fittings? Do you want to know how you select the best pipes and fittings for your business? If the answer to any of these questions is in affirmative, then this blog post is ideal for you.

This article will educate you how you can choose high quality steel pipes and fittings for your firm and thus grow your business. Plus, it also informs you how these steel and welded pipe fittings are made and the industries that are best suited for their installment.

Quality steel pipe fittings are the life line of your company whether it is oil and gas company or other manufacturing industry you belong to. Without premium quality fittings it is difficult to ensure smooth day to day operation. Lack of proper fittings can bring the entire operation to a standstill too.

We specialize in manufacture and export of steel pipe fittings and butt weld fittings for over two decades. You can be assured of the most premium steel pipes and fittings that suit any type of project you have.

Fittings are an essential part of industries where liquids, chemicals, gases, and other fluid forms are made, processed, used, or transported. Many industries, including oil and gas companies, manufacturing companies, construction materials production, pharmaceuticals, and much more utilize the welded pipe fittings or other types for their core operation.

This post is aimed at helping you know all about steel pipe fittings and how you can get the best fittings for your company.ds steel pipe pipeline

Steel Pipe Fittings:

Steel is an ideal choice for making pipes and fittings due to several reasons:

  • Durable
  • High strength
  • High heat resistance

Steel pipes and fittings are of significant use in industries as they help carry all types of fluids and gases safely.

How are steel pipes made durable and resistant to rust and corrosion?

Steel is basically an alloy made of carbon and iron. Steel pipes are prone to rusting. So these are often used in combination with other materials to make them rust resistant and durable such as:

  • Zinc is coated on galvanized steel to make it resistant to corrosion by chemicals and rust formation
  • Higher carbon levels are alloyed with carbon steel for better strength and durability.

How steel fittings are made leak resistant?

Threaded fittings help in preventing corrosion and leakage in the steel pipe fittings. PTFE tape or pipe dope is used on pipe threads.

When the threads are joined the material helps prevent corrosion and leaks. If threads are present in the interior, it is a female fitting. It is a male fitting if exterior part has the threads.

What types of steel pipe fittings are present and how to choose the best?

There are two main types of steel used in steel pipes and fittings namely

  • Galvanized steel
  • Carbon steel

 Galvanized steel

To safeguard steel from being damaged by corrosion and rust, a layer of zinc is coated on it. This coating is done via a special chemical process. This results in the steel becoming galvanized form that is corrosion and rust resistant. It helps boost the pipe fittings’ longevity.

The size of the galvanized steel fittings is standard and range from as small as 8mm to as high as 150mm. The fittings are generally made from:

  • Forgings
  • Welded tube
  • Rolled bar
  • Seamless tube

Galvanized steel pipe fittings are generally used in the piping used for buildings and for water supply pipes. They are not however ideal for use in pipelines for gas.

Carbon Steel Pipe fittings

This type of steel pipes and fittings is more ideal for industrial use as it is stronger and long lasting than other steel varieties.

This carbon steel is also termed as plain carbon steel. It has iron as its base metal with high amount of carbon and traces of manganese and various other elements.

Additionally, carbon steel is malleable, hence can be cast into different shapes or mill forms, resulting in forged, machined, formed, or other types of shapes.

Carbon is added mainly to:

  • Increase the hardness of the steel
  • Boosts strength of the steel
  • Reduce weld-ability and ductility of the steel

 Butt weld carbon steel fittings

These types of fittings are used for joining pipe sections that need welded and permanent connections. Tees, reducers, elbows and other such joints are made from butt weld fittings.

Butt weld pipe fittings are made of concentric reducer, elbow of long radius, tees and reducers.

The welded steel fittings (stainless steel as well as carbon types) are of vital significance in piping system for oil and gas industries and other industries as they are used for:

  • Changing direction of the pipes
  • Branch off the pipes
  • Join equipment mechanically to the pipe system

You can find the butt weld fittings available in pipe sizes that are nominal and with a certain pipe schedule. Just as the steel pipe fittings these welded forms also follow ASME standard A53.

Why are butt weld fittings used more in industries?

The advantages offered by the welded fittings are several as opposed to the socket weld and threaded type of fittings.

The butt welded form of pipe fittings are available in various sizes ranging from ½ inch to 72 inches but the threaded and socket forms are present only in 4 inch size.

The advantages of this type of welded pipe fittings include:

  • They offer a robust connection
  • Help in seamless flow of material inside pipe
  • Add strength to piping system
  • The beveled ends of the welded forms offer better penetration weld. This is done without the need for additional preparation.

We provide welded pipe fittings made from different materials including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, nickel alloy and also high yield material.

Where are carbon steel pipe and fittings used?

  • Carbon steel pipe fittings are ideal for pipe systems that transport gases like natural gas, steam, oil and water and other liquids.
  • They are of immense use in maintenance and construction activities in commercial and residential construction, petroleum refining, generation of electric power, shipbuilding, and various other industrial sectors.

 Stainless steel pipe fitting

Stainless steel is used in pipe fittings due to its high resistance to corrosion and oxidation under different manmade and natural environments.

Stainless steel is essentially an alloy of iron with about 10% of chromium added to it. The quality of stainless steel grade is very important when you are choosing stainless steel fittings for your company.

You can find elbows, unions, tees and other such fittings made from stainless steel. But mostly these are used in residential pipelines.

Where and how are pipe fittings used?

Pipes and fittings are essential for proper pipeline formation. You cannot connect the pipes without using the appropriate flanges and fittings. The pipe fittings allow proper installation of pipes. They are used for connecting the pipes wherever needed. They help proper pipe installation and termination wherever needed.

As you would know from the above explanation, pipes and fittings are made from different products. They are also made into different shapes and sizes.

Due to the rapid technological strides made in the industrial fittings arena, we are now able to provide high quality and innovative steel pipes and fittings. Our fittings include special features enabling them to be made on pneumatic or hydraulic principle based on their specific use purpose.

Based on the industry they are used we provide a varied range of products when it comes to pipe fittings and butt weld fittings.

What should you look for while buying steel pipe fittings in bulk?

  • When you buy steel pipe fittings in bulk, you should look at the steel grade present. The grades differ based on the application of the fittings.
  • Check for proper rating of fittings by the standard organizations. Standards ensure specific authentication is provided in relation to manufacture of the product and installing it. ASME, ANSI, NPT and BSP are some of the common standards used for steel pipe fittings.
  • Check the fittings’ internal diameter for its suitability to a specific application
  • Check for factors like size, material, temperature, pressure ratings, standards and durability

 Various fittings categories we supply

The fittings used in the industry are categorized as follows:

  1. Fittings for extending or terminating pipe runs: Couplings, caps, plugs and adapters
  2. Fittings to change direction of pipes: Elbows
  3. Fittings for connecting pipes: Bushings, reducers, flex couplings
  4. Fitting reducers: adapters

 How our pipe fittings are used in various industries

The usage of pipe fittings is endless as they are used wherever pipes are needed. And the use of piping applications are never ending because the pipes used now are high in flexibility, strength, good flow rate and resistance to chemicals.

These qualities make the pipes ideal for transfer of steam, liquids, air and solids between two points.  Pipe fittings being needed for proper functioning of pipes have several benefits like:

  • Safe transport of dangerous materials like waster and chemicals
  • Protect from extreme weather conditions and corrosion
  • Resistant to industrial chemicals

Due to the above qualities our welded pipe fittings and other fittings find valuable application in diverse industrial settings including oil and gas, food and beverage industry, petrochemicals and other engineering industries.

Based on the type of liquids or gases the pipe lines carry, the fittings differ. Different shapes and types of fittings are chosen according to the specific need present. Due to their connecting nature, they are vital for smooth and streamlined pipe functioning.


Steel pipe fittings and butt weld fittings are important additions to various industries, including oil and gas companies. They help in streamlining the piping system, ensuring seamless transportation of material, irrespective of the origin and destination point.

With the right quality and type of pipes and fittings, you can ensure uninterrupted operations, better productivity, increased efficiency, and higher profit margin.

As a reputed distributor of industry standard butt weld fittings and steel pipe fittings, we offer premium quality pipe fittings that are competitively priced and tested for industrial standards. The stringent standards we strive to uphold ensure you benefit the most from our premium pipe fittings.

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